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Arkness Japan Backpack FFAT-110

Made from light-weighted, flexible, durable & strong mat...

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Arkness Japan Backpack RPO-200

Made from light-weighted, flexible, durable & strong mat...

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Arkness Japan 2 Way Back Pack FFTG-207

Stylish 2 way tote bag possible as rusksack- carry on should...

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Arkness Japan 2 Way Carry Bag FTM-200

Simple design 2 way carry bag suitable for man or woman. ...

RM130.00 RM91.00
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Arkness Japan 2 Way Tote Shoulder Bag FFDC-107

Simple & nice 2 way tote shoulder bag suitable for ...

RM220.00 RM154.00
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Arkness Japan 3 Way Business Bag FFF-300

This uniquely designed user-friendly 3 way busines...

RM390.00 RM273.00
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Arkness Japan Backpack FFC-100

Simple design, light-weighted, durable & comfortabl...

RM90.00 RM70.00
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Arkness Japan Backpack FFTG-210

Designed with 3 vertical compartments- top, body & botto...

RM435.00 RM305.00
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Arkness Japan Backpack RMS-200

Smart-looking, simple & functional. Can be use at any...

RM175.00 RM123.00
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Arkness Japan Body Bag FFSL-106 Medium

This stylish, medium-size & easy to carry body bag ...

RM335.00 RM235.00
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Arkness Japan Body Bag FFSL-116 Small

This stylish, small & easy to carry body bag is suitable...

RM260.00 RM182.00
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Arkness Japan Business Smart Casual Tote MFP-107

Stylish business smart casual tote bag with 12 points storag...

RM260.00 RM182.00
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Buy Backpack & Sling Bags For Women Online in Malaysia

We should confront the way that a lady has everything in their bag to make things more helpful and simple for a rainy day. Ladies simply have excessively numerous things to carry everywhere they go and an ordinary bag simply doesn't fit especially if you're travelling. A bag with larger size is more convenient for ladies. The backpack is a ladies' fantasy bag is very helpful, it circulates the heaviness of your things equally over your shoulders. This won't bring about a shoulder aches which can occur as you convey overwhelming tote bags or shoulder bags on one shoulder.

On the off chance that you think they are too huge and are just suited more for men, reconsider. Nowadays, backpacks for women arrive in a variety of sizes to suit their ladylike frame. It is intended to fit the size of a lady's back which is practical and additionally lightweight. They additionally do come in styles to suit requirements like traveling, for laptop and some more. Find trendy duffel backpacks for women now at MOSSES which is making your traveling experience a memorable one. All backpacks for women here are produced using tough material, for example, leather, and canvas and they can truly keep going quite a while given the correct care.

Best Sling Bags Online in Malaysia

Sling bags helpful for people who travel who just need to mind the absolute minimum or who incline toward a hands free affair while shopping. The outline of the sling bag is to such an extent that the strap goes over the inverse shoulder so you are not continually adjusting the strap. This fundamental sling bag can be put together in only two hours. Sling bag is a kind of handbag for women that is hung on one shoulder with a strap that winds around the chest laying the bag on the lower back. Despite the fact that it is like a delivery person bag, it is littler. Bags have made ladies around the globe. Accessible in such a large number of styles and textures, sling bags for women are a basic style component to any outfit. They can include allure, charm to your outfit. Ladies need to keep heaps of things helpful as they venture out of the house. Make up basics, stationery for a packed schedule, cell phone, maybe even a book or an umbrella, in addition to other things. Sling bags for ladies keep every one of these things helpful next to them, while adding to the style profile.