What Does a Good Earphone Case Have

We as of late discovered that the majority of our clients didn't have a committed place to store their earphones. Most were upbeat to hurl them into a duffel or have them calmly strewn in some cleft of their sack. We likewise examined among ourselves and found that each of us have lost no less than 3-4 sets of earphones simply because they didn't have a home.

At that point there were some folks we addressed who said that they would never remove their costly IEMs from the house simply because they didn't know how best to guard them.

That is the point at which we understood - each awesome earphone needs an incredible case. Looking for polish and excellence, we set out to slyly make the best earphone cases on the planet.

Extraordinary As You Are
Since each earpohone case is made by hand, they don't seem to be indistinguishable. The consistency shifts from case to case. Also, that is the thing that puts forth your defense as exceptional as you may be: much the same as your unique mark.

Carefully assembled from 100% Real Leather

We chose at an early stage that we would not like to mass deliver these fine cases in a major plant. Rather, we needed to concentrate on one case at any given moment by gradually and watchful making every one. Each and every cowhide case is as one of a kind as you seem to be. It requires investment and is difficult work. Each case is exclusively high quality from the finest quality calfskin. Being produced using 100% genuine cowhide, will undoubtedly discover scrape marks and an uneven tone. At long last, it's about how it feels in your grasp and after some time, we locate that any calfskin item advances and builds up its own patina, in view of a client's close to home utilize.

Provincial Colors
Each of the cases have been composed taking stylish signs from geometry. You will discover chevrons, stripes, triangles and hexagon formed squares in an assortment of alleviating and dim hues.

Idealize Fit

They're shape fit for most IEMs and earphones. We outline each case for the most secure fit. Amid the break-in time of the initial few days you might need to be delicate with the cowhide to help ease it in. In the event that you have unnaturally expansive earphones and it doesn't fit as you longing, you can call us for an arrival.

Fixed with Suede-Like Material
We chose to fix the inner parts of the case with a delicate, self-cleaning material of calfskin like texture. This guarantees your earphones remain spotless as the material won't get any clean particles.

Leather Puller

One can control the development of the zipper with a smooth calfskin puller which coordinates the shade of the case. The twofold layered calfskin is sewed together to loan some weight to the puller.

Work Compartment
On opening the case, you're invited with a little work compartment that is sewed on one side. A little white EarphoneZone logo weaved on a material tag is connected to the work. We made this compartment for you to stuff in any Comply or silicone eartips or earfins you have to use alongside your earphones.